Monday, March 18, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey guys, we were recently nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award by the "quirky" Kiera from Classicquirk. It's a simple tag in which we share 7 facts about ourselves, so that our readers and other bloggers can get to know us better. So here goes:

7 Facts about Angela:
How can you say no to babies and puppies
in the same picture?
1. I love babies and little kids, and as much as I want one of my own, I'm way too young. So I come up with plans on how to take people's kids for myself. I am fairly certain that I will have adorable babies, since I have the genes for it. If not I might have to give them away, just joking. Also Puppies!!!!

2. I have a pet guinea pig named Coco. She is chubby, lazy and a bit mean, but she is cute and I like her.

3. I've been to Hawaii about four times in my life, earliest was when I was six month old. When I went with my grandma at three lots of Japanese tourists wanted to take pictures of me. Now I'm convinced I'm on random peoples fridges, or in old photo albums which I find super creepy.

4. I spent all of grade school in private schools and my high school was an all girls private school. I turned out ok, only a bit socially awkward.

5. When I was nine I took art classes at a studio called "Art's Umbrella", for Mother's Day I had to do a giant charcoal portrait of my mom and I. She still has it hung outside my old room and refuses to take it down even if I offer to make a new one. Because of this, my sister complains that none of her art is hung up around the house, but it is kind of obvious why.

6. My first job was a swim instructor, and with my first paycheque I bought myself a Wii. I guess I've had it since I was about 16 then. I bought it so I could play Rock Band. After many years of not using it I now only use it to play Just Dance 4, alone. Nothing gets me active like a fake point system and One Direction.

7. I like to plan out many facets of my future, like what my wedding will be like, where I want to live, and how I want to raise my kids. As "real" life gets closer and closer, the lack of control is becoming more apparent.

7 Facts about Jasmine:
1. My parents and I immigrated from mainland China when I was 10 years old. I didn't speak any English when I first came to Canada, and for a couple of years, I went through a very rough period of transition.

My favorite picture of my cat that I took,
I had this picture blown up to half
poster size to commemorate our times together.
2. I have scars on my right knee and arm. When I was about five or six, I was clinging to the yard gate for fun (genius idea) and I slipped and fell into the garbage bin located directly below where I was hanging. There were, very conveniently, shards of broken glass located in the bin. I got cut pretty badly as a result. Stitches were put in and tears were shed.

3. I love cats. I feel like saying I love cats is such an understatement, because I REALLY REALLY LOVE THEM!!! I got a cat and named her "Cat" when I was 13 or 14. Unfortunately, during the two years I had her I developed a pretty severe allergy to cat dander; I was sneezing non-stop, 24/7, it got so bad that I had to give her away. Now I indulge my cat love on r/cats.

4. I am horrendously bad at the card game "cheat". I, for some absurd reason, CANNOT LIE (not in that game anyways)!

For the longest time,
I wanted a Paul Frank Cruiser.
5. I love biking. Sometimes I wish every day is a sunny day and I had nothing to do in life, because then I would just take my bike and go wherever I please.

6. This may or may not be a talent, but I can wake myself from a nightmare. I use to be able to do it much easily when I was younger, but I still can do it sometimes. When I am dreaming and the dream takes a sketchy turn, think dark forest with looming shadows, I can usually just stop the dream right there and wake myself up.

7. I am in love with our blog! It's kind of weird, but this blog has become my therapy. Whenever I feel depressed (which is like all the time), I come here and make a post. It keeps me from focusing on the negative, gives me to control over something, and lets my creativity flow.

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Thanks for reading everyone!
-Angela and Jasmine.
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