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Makeup Products that Will Help you Beat the Heat: June Canadian Beauty Bloggers Guest Post

Hello everyone, today I am bringing to your the June guest post from my fabulous fellow Canadian Beauty Blogger Nicole from Nicole About Town, she will be talking about some of her summer makeup faves!
Let me start this off by saying that contrary to claims by manufacturers, no makeup is truly 100% heat proof. At least, none that I have yet to come across.  But that doesn't mean that there aren't some great products on the market that certainly can help your makeup stay in place, especially so in the hot and humid days of summer.
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If you are going to go with a primer, get it right.  You want something light that isn't going to look greasy or make your makeup looked caked on.  You want something that will even out your pores, still be lightweight, and give your foundation and concealer something to cling to at the same time.  My choice for this is Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional ( $37 CAD).  I've been using this one for a while now and it works like a dream.

Pick both a liquid based foundation and concealer.  In the heat, the saying less is more really does apply to your makeup.  If you can't go without foundation or concealer, go for something liquid based that you can control just how much you apply.  There are some great stay-put foundations and concealers on the market so I recommend that you try them out and invest in one.  Start with a light application and build up your coverage.  The goal for your foundation and concealer should be 'your skin, but better'! My picks would be MAC's Minearlize Concealer (, $24 CAD) and Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup with SPF 10 (, $44 CAD). *Tip* Head into your local MAC and Estee Lauder Counters and get colour matched for your concealer and foundation.  Nothing is worse than wearing the wrong shade and then looking like your face is 'melting' if you start sweating at some point during the day.

I personally don't often wear eye shadow on the hot summer days, but when I do, I prime my eyelids before applying.  Again, it's all about combating your skin's tendency to sweat or get oily in the heat, and priming your eyes will help your shadows last all day long.  Even when I don't wear eyeshadow, I still prime my eyelids because I can't stand that greasy/wet looks that develops throughout the day.  Plus, it helps to give my eye liner something to cling to.  My pick is the Urban Decay Primer Potion (, $24 CAD) , which has long been one of my #HG products.

For brows you want to fill them in, but you want to go easy on them. They should be subtle and highlight your face, not be the main points of interest.  You also want to be using a product that you don't have to reapply throughout the day, but also doesn't run if you start to sweat or glow as I like to call it.  For that I would recommend MAC Cosmetics self-propelling and sharpening Eye Brow Pencils (, $19 CAD)

Since I don't often wear eye shadow in the hot summer weather, I am always rocking my eye liner. With my eyes already primed with the UDPP, I always reach for a waterproof eyeliner. It's all about staying power and in the heat nothing beats waterproof!  My pick is the Too Faced Cosmetics Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner ( $23 CAD).  This stuff goes on like a gem and once it's on, it stays on.  It also includes a smudger on one end to help create a smokey look if so desired.  

For the lips, in the heat, they should be moisturized, soft and supple.  Once again, less is more so stay away from things that make you look overly made up and caked on.  My pick is Benefit Cosmetics Hydrating Lip Balm in Benebalm (, $23 CAD).  The formulation is amazing and the shade is one that works for absolutely everyone.

To finish off your face, in the hot weather, I stay away from all things powder!  It looks so bad when it starts to melt or run.  Instead I reach for a setting spray of some kind.  There are a bunch of them on the market, but the one I reach for when doing my own makeup or when I am working on a client is the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (, $15 CAD).  Seriously, this stuff works like a dream and it's small enough that I can pop it into my makeup bag.  As of yet, I have never had to reapply it during the day, but I figure I am better safe than sorry!

Well there you have it!  My top makeup products for beating the heat.  Do any of the products that I love make your list?  What are some tips and tricks you have to beat the heat?  

P.S. Thank Jasmine for hosting me over here on The Happy Sloths!
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