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Lush Christmas 2014 Collection: Reviews

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Lush Christmas 2014 Collection: Reviews
Christmas is a wonder time of the year but Christmas at Lush is a whole other spectacle. Today I want to share with you some of the wonderful bath and body goodies from the Lush Christmas 2014 Collection. To read more, click.......
Lush Christmas 2014 Collection Dashing Santa Bath Bomb
Dashing Santa Bath Bomb
Dashing Santa Bath Bomb ($5.25):
It is not Christmas without Santa and Lush has their own version of Santa, as a bath bomb. This cute Santa-shaped bath bomb is scented with satsuma, bergamot, and mandarin orange so it is super refreshing. Santa's boots are also filled with pretty shimmers that will bring lots of sparkle to your bath.

First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder ($7.95):
I believe this one is a new addition to the Lush Christmas family. A lovely citrus-scented shimmer body powder, First Snow is lightweight and transluscent. I first tried this at my local Lush. The Lush lady applied it after giving me a hand massage (with one of the many fabulous Lush Massage Bars of course). The powder helps absorb excess lotion and leaves behind a subtle shimmer.
Lush Christmas 2014 Collection First Snow Sparkling Powder
First Snow Sparkling Dusting Powder
Yog Nog Soap ($6.95 CAD):
Formulated with soy yogurt and festive spices, this creamy soap bar is too delicious to resist. The soap smells exactly like eggnog and its angel-shaped design is even topped off with cocoa powder to mimic a real cup of rich and yummy eggnog.
Lush Christmas 2014 Collection Yog Nog Soap
Yog Nog Soap
So White Shower Gel ($9.95 CAD for 100ml):
This shower gel shares the same scent profile as the beloved holiday favorite So White Bath Bomb. Formulated with fresh apple juice, bergamot oil and organic rose absolute, the shower gel lathers wonderfully and has beautiful subtle shimmers that washes down the drain, right along with all your fatigue and stress.
Lush Christmas 2014 Collection So White Shower Gel
So White Shower Gel
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar ($7.45 CAD):
Scented with vanilla and sweet, sweet candy flavor, this pretty bubble bar provides bubbles and shimmers to your bath. The bar has shimmery pink and white swirls that kind of look like a mushroom. I am a sucker for sweet-smelling bath bombs and bubble bars so this is definitely one of my fave of the bunch.
Lush Christmas 2014 Collection Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
Lush Christmas Collection is in stores and online now.
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