Thursday, February 7, 2013

Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream Highlight: Review and Swatches

     I picked up these 2 Urbanglow Cream Highlight from Urban Decay a while ago when they were on sale on Hautelook. I have swatched them a couple of times in store and they were just so pretty that I had to get them when I saw them on sale. I picked up the colors "Wicked" and "Moonshine".

   Wicked has beige-y rose color, it's got quite a bit of shimmer and it suits warm skin tones very well.
Moonshine is absolutely divine. It has the most alluring opalescence that needs to be appreciated in
person. Though aside from the glow, it doesn't provide much pigmentation.
"Moonshine" (Left) & "Wicked" (Right)
     Though extremely beautiful when swatched, both of these products have subpar texture. The "cream" isn't very creamy; the formula is just too thin, it isn't tacky enough to last on the skin. So without longevity, these beauties are rather disappointing. But if you don't need your makeup to last all day, these are worth checking out.
"Moonshine" (Left) & "Wicked" (Right)
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