Thursday, March 28, 2013

Anatomicals Peachy Head Shampoo and Java Lather Body Cleanser: Reviews

Anatomicals is a British company that makes bath and body items. They come armed with clever names and an array of scents which has this company on the track for shower domination. I kid, but I deffinitely am liking the two items I got from them at the moment. I recently purchased two Anatomicals products from ASOS online, the products are relatively inexpensive and they ship free from England, which surprising didn't take long! To read more about what I got from them, click......
I ordered two products, Peachy Head Peach Shampoo for Suicidal Hair ($4.89) and Java Lather Coffee Buzz Body Cleanser ($5.24).
Let's first start with the Peachy Head. I haven't used it long enough to say what effect it has on my hair, but this stuff smells great. It is like opening a bag of Fuzzy Peaches in the shower. I just want to eat it, or bathe in it.
Java Lather also has a fantastic smell. It is like having coffee in the shower! Too bad you can't absorb caffeine through your skin. One thing I like about this is that it contains witch hazel, an ingredient found in many face cleansers to keep the face acne-free. So this body cleanser should do the the same for my body! :)
Do you have any favorite Anatomicals products? Or is there something from this company you would like to try?
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