Sunday, March 3, 2013

Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick and Creaseless Cream Shadow: Review and Swatches

So not too long ago, Shoppers Drug Mart had a special Benefit deal, buy one Creaseless Cream Shadow get a free lipstick or lipgloss. When I heard about the deal I just knew I had to get one (or in this case two products for one ;) ). Benefit switches over their packaging to the new ones in March. So I think Shoppers was trying to get rid of some old stock. The new line of Creaseless Cream Shadows doesn't include 'get figgy' so I'm glad I picked it up.

Now I am a BIG fan of Benefit lipsticks, they produce great color and wear like a dream. The two main downsides to these wonderful lipsticks are the limited color range and the hefty price tag of $24. Now on to the color. I adore 'Wanna', it is a nice bold color on but isn't too over-the-top purple. I think if you are just looking to try the waters of purples this is a good one, since it isn't a deep dark purple. 
'Get Figgy' is a wonderful pinky purple frost color. It can be applied as a nice thin layer or heavily for lots of color. The Benefit formula for cream shadows is great, it does what it says and doesn't crease and delivers fantastic pigment. What I like about this color is that it only has a slight purple hue. But it isn't too excessive that it looks tacky, like brighter purples tend to look. Benefit cream shadows are a must and I am looking forward to the new colors and packaging this March 2013.

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