Friday, March 1, 2013

Etsy Find: Infinity Scarf from EcoShag

Etsy has always been one of my favorite places to shop for cute and unique items that I am unable to get from other places, especially since buying handmade local stuff can get really pricey. When I can, I like to stick it to the man and support the individuals out there.

Now on to one of my latest purchases, a wonderful infinity scarf scarf in ochre and grey for $28.50 USD from EcoShag.
Infinity scarf on
What I like about EcoShag is the nice amount of choice you have between fabrics and patterns for a number of different styles. The seller was extremely nice and helpful and makes all the wonderful scarves by hand and donates a portion of the proceeds to and
Up close of the incorporation of the two threads.
This scarf is versatile and soft and comfy to wear. I wear it almost everyday with my outfits to add some warmth in the cold months. I love the look created by the two separate colors coming together. The scarf was much more affordable than some other scarves I have seen in stores. Also, the quality of the scarf just can't be matched by machine-made ones. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and experience with EcoShag.

- Angela

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