Friday, March 22, 2013

Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara - Waterproof Type: Review and Swatch

During the Christmas season of 2012, I received this mascara, the Fairy Drops Waterproof Platinum Mascara from an lovely friend that co-runs an online shop selling Asian cosmetics and skincare at a discounted price. 
At first, I was hesitant to try this because I am not too big on asian cosmetic brands, simply because I get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff out there and I am not quite familiar what they all do. But I am so glad she introduced me to this mascara, because upon first application, this instantly became my favorite mascara of ALL TIME! For a detailed review and a swatch, click......

The special thing about this mascara has to do both with the wand and the formula. The wand is strangely shaped with three distinct bumps along the brush; it is curved and really hugs the shape of the eyes.
The formula, which really makes things different, is very thick but not clumpy or flaky. It is absolutely waterproof and removes easily with an oil-based makeup remover. It doesn't leave behind any residues!
I have fairly straight lashes. After I curl them, I need a formula that won't weigh them down, and this mascara keeps my lashes volumized and curled.
I apologize for the creepy eye pictures, but man it is hard to get a shot of the lashes! In this picture, I am wearing ~1.5 coat of the mascara.
And lastly, if you look closely at the wand, you can see that the formula has microscopic black nylon fibers that help extend the lashes. The effect of these little bad boys is actually quite noticeable, they really lengthen my lashes!
This, like I said before, is literally the BEST mascara I have ever tried! I strongly urge anyone with straight lackluster asian lashes to try this out!
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