Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ipsy Subscription: March 2013

Ipsy started off strong in January with a fantastic Glam Bag, an ok February and a very disappointing March. The only good thing about this month was that I didn't have to wait till the 19th (as Canada Post predicted) to receive my bag.
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The theme this month was the Great Escape for people traveling and having spring break around this time. The one thing I liked about this was the bag, at least it had a nice pattern that I really dig, but $15 for this month isn't worth it. The spoilers got me really excited but upon opening it I was really disappointed.
Juice Beauty- Hydrating Mist
This is an okay-sized sample of 30ml, so there are about $3 worth of product in there. I know many people don't like the smell of the spray, but I don't mind it. It smells heavily of flower pollen, so if you like that, then this provides a decent spritz of refreshment.
Yabby- eyeshadows
The two colors I received are So Vein (turquoise) and Sand Dune (brownish). These are NOT colors I would wear, well the turquoise at least I would never touch. There is a pink color that I would much rather have preferred. It is like they sorted me into a group that receives only the ugly colors. Also, the pigmentation of the shadows were just ok.
As you can see the color payoff isn't that great; I found the consistency kind of strange.
LA Fresh- Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes
This is a fair sized sample of 8 wipes, you can buy packages exactly like this for $2 online. They are nothing special, just regular makeup wipes that have a weird elastic fabric. At least these are good for on-the-go, in your purse kind of thing.

Glam Rx- magnetic palette
This was the Item I was most excited to get, but when I opened this month's package I saw that this is roughly the size of a credit card! 
The spoiler pictures were misleading and it seemed like it could fit a lot more and was much bigger. I depotted my aplum blush from Lancome and the Dandelion blush from Benefit that was in February's Topbox, and that was all that could fit. I couldn't even fit in the super tiny shadows that came in this month's bag. At least I have something to carry the blushes in instead of their bulky packaging. But overall, I am super disappointed.

I was definitely not impressed this month especially with the misleading pictures they posted making me think that everything was going to be much bigger. I was disappointed to be sent shadows in colors that I would not use which promptly lead my decision to cancel. The other problem with Ipsy is also the products and deals they offer are sometimes only available to people in the states which also peeves me. Hopefully they can provide items that their subscribers like in the future, but this one just isn't for me.

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