Saturday, March 16, 2013

Product Flop: Essie Sleek Stick

A while ago, Essie was doing a giveaway for their new "Sleek Stick" nail sticker samples and my friend was kind enough to give me the ones she received to try and review. I was really excited to put these on because they looked so cool and edgy. However, I was super disappointed!

This was what the sample looked like, there were two each of four different patterns.
I initially wasn't sure what kind of "nail stickers" these were, because there are nail stickers made out of actual nail polish (think Sally Hansen Salon Effects) and nail stickers not made with real polish. These Essie ones' main ingredient is ethylhexyl acrylate, so basically these are made of soft plastic.
I had great issues applying these, for two reasons. One, the sizes they provided in this sample are very very strange, they are way too small for my thumb and way to big for the rest of my fingers.... so I am unsure why this size was included in the sample given that it is so "un-universal". Two, these are thick and not very pliable. In the close-ups, you can tell how the stickers fail to lie smoothly on my nails and form atrocious wrinkles!
Also, when filing away the excess, the sticker does not file away smoothly, leaving rough edges behind. "Stickers And Stones" was slightly worse in its application compared to "Sneek-e" because it is thicker. Also, the edges started lifting about 30 minutes in, despite the fact that I vigorously wiped my nails with alcohol wipes prior to appication. So after applying two out of the four sample strips with no success, I gave up. If I want to go for some awesome awesome patterned nails, I will stick with my Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Thus for $12-13 CAD, these are NOT worth it at ALL.

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