Saturday, April 6, 2013

Galaxy Nails

A couple of days ago Angela requested that I replicate the super popular galaxy nail design on her and I obediently obliged. To prepare, I watched a slew of youtube tutorials and browsed a gazillion pictures of this design to get an idea of how to do a good job. So here is the end-product! For more pictures and to see what we used, click......
Base: One coat of "Knockout" from Revlon and one coat of "Elizabeth" from Julep
Nebula pattern (sponged on with cosmetic sponge): "Snow" from China Glaze, "Trina" from Julep, and "Melissa" from Julep.
Individual stars (dotted with dotting tool): "Snow" from China Glaze
The process wasn't too difficult, I followed the method in this nice youtube tutorial. In addition, the opalescent polish ("Melissa" from Julep) really made the design special, the shimmer looked exactly like the milky way!
Have you guys tried the galaxy nail design? Let us know in the comments!
Bonus pics of a similar look I did on another friend:
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