Thursday, April 25, 2013

Opalescent Blue Gems: Manicure featuring "Shine of the Times" from Essie and "Annie" from Julep

By now y'all should know that Essie's "Shine of the Times" is probably my favorite nail polish of all time. It goes perfectly over any polish, making every color just that much more special! Here I paired it with a beautiful blue called "Annie" from Julep. To see some more amazing photos (if I do say so myself, hehe), click........
I did a pink version of this a while ago, check it out here.
"Annie" from Julep is quite a lovely blue, the formula is really amazing. So if you have been looking for a nice simple blue, you should definitely check it out.
Look how over the blue, "Shine of the Times" look pink (over pink it looks orange)! And in the pic below, you can see the shift in the color when you look at it from another angle.
Man if I ever marry a polish, "Shine of the Times" would be the one. Do you have this one? What do you pair it with?
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