Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stila Prime Pot Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer in "Taffy": Review and Swatch

 Here is an eye shadow primer from Stila called the Prime Pot Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer. I received a deluxe sample of "Taffy" from one of the monthly Topboxes. I only recently started using it, but I am liking it so far. To see the swatch and read my review, click......
 I very seldom use eyeshadow primers because creasing rarely occurs on my asian eyes, so the only times I use primers is when I am working with loose shadows or shadows with excessive fall-out.
What I like about the Stila Prime Pot is that it provides some coverage, much like an under eye concealer! The texture is very creamy, smooth, and lightweight.
 What I don't like is that the formula doesn't provide much tackiness, it works as a nice concealer but it doesn't make the application of loose shadow any easier, nor does it prevent fall-out. So I would categorize this product as a medium coverage concealer and not an eye shadow primer. In addition, I do not like the packaging of this. I am a lazy bum and have no patience for concealer brushes, thus I use my fingers to apply this product and that means I have to dip my finger into the pot, which I find pretty unhygienic.
Notice the decent amount of coverage this gives!
This is fairly crease-proof, and in terms of it being waterproof.... aren't most primers, foundations, and concealers waterproof, I don't quite understand why Stila considers this a selling point.......
Anyhow, if you are looking for a good eye shadow primer, Stila Prime Pot isn't it. But if you are interested in a lightweight and creamy around-the-eye concealer, you might want to check this one out!
Hope that was helpful, cheers!
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