Saturday, May 18, 2013

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Medium and Brunette Hair: Review

So dry shampoo is all the rage these days eh? I wash my hair every other day or sometimes I go two days without washing because my hair (unlike my face, fortunately) doesn't get very oily, and because I recently ombred my hair, the ends are pretty damaged and I do not want them to get even dryer from excessive shampooing.
So a few weeks ago, I spotted a bunch of Batiste Dry Shampoo at Winners. I decided to pick up the one for medium and brunette hair (though I have black hair). Interestingly, the medium and brunette ones are bundled up in twos (probably by mistake), so basically I got two full sized cans for $9.99 CAD. To read my review and see what it looks like, click......
So the Batiste dry shampoo is a powder mixture that dispenses as a fine mist from an aerosol can. You apply it the roots of your hair and sort of massage it in. The product will absorb excess oil and give you some boost in volume.
The one I got has a hint of color; the powder is a dark taupe as opposed to white. This is good for people with dark hair because the original white formula sometimes leaves a greyish residue that doesn't look too appealing.
Funny story: I did not realize how cold the spray from an aerosol can is when applied in a concentrated manner.
 I almost flash froze the palm of my hand while swatching this. 
I like this, it really does get rid of the oily roots look so I don't have to shampoo everyday. It has a pleasant light fragrance though I do wish it gave more of a volume-boosting effect.
I read a review saying that this turns hair yucky the next day and one should definitely shampoo the day after using it. However, I have tried not washing after using this the day before and it was completely fine.
Overall, this does not replace washing hair with water (think of all the water we can save in a lifetime, haha I'm joking) but it definitely is a quick hair refresher when I am too lazy or don't have the time to shampoo!
Have you tried dry shampoos before? What are your thoughts?
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