Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 11: Me In Less Than 10 Words + Finished Painting

Oy another tough prompt! I have no idea how to "sell myself in ten words or less"! I was thinking maybe "what you see is what you get" but that feels so trite. So I thought that I would just unleash my egotistic side and pick a few flattering adjectives that best fit my personality and share with y'all:
1. Independent
2. Creative
3. Genuine
4. Efficient
5. Humorous
6. Generous
7. Open-minded
There you go, yea...... not much of an interesting post eh? But to make that up, I want to show you the painting that I mentioned I was working on. I finally finished it yesterday, it is an almost replicate of this lovely ink on paper piece called "Morning" by Yellena James. I did mine with acrylic on a 30 by 24 inches stretched canvas. I spent about three to four hours per day for eight days working on it (way longer than I expected, a flower takes like 30 minutes and the process results in a sore neck). However, I am really proud with the end product, now I can totally say that I accomplished something in my three week break from school!
 To see the original and a few close-ups, click......

The original by Yellena; ink on paper. My background color is definitely off by comparison.
My favorite flower :)
Oh these guys are sort of modified from the original,
I like how they kind of look like little dancing men wearing bulbous dresses.
The flower that looks most like a real flower.
The first flower I painted, I was super skeptical when I was painting it because
I was scared things weren't going to turn out right.
There you go, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. As always, thanks for reading and commenting!
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