Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 28: Just Some Pictures......

Today is an easy one, I will share pictures I took with my phone of various things I saw and found interesting. I'll have little commentaries in the captions!
Saw this penguin mobile in a toy store, it reminded me of the awkward penguin meme.
Saw this girl wearing a bumble bee backpack and blue fuzzy earmuffs.
Saw this beautiful illustration on the cover a children's book called "The Mouse Bride".
Saw this in an ad for a teapot collection designed by various artists. 
I had a huge chunk of pure sugar in my cereal.
Saw this funky manicure in an editorial, would love to try it out! 
Saw this print art in Ikea, didn't buy it because it was 15$.
I saw this ridiculous ad in a magazine. Who reads a dictionary? Like seriously!
Twin Strawberries!
I hope you enjoyed these! Come back tomorrow for the prompt I have been waiting for all along!
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