Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in "Red Velvet": Review and Swatch

So.... I finally caved and bought a couple of Revlon Lip Butters. For the longest time I thought these are super overrated because every blogger and youtuber raves about these like crazy but after seeing Angela's "Tutti Frutti" review, I really wanted a few for myself. Also, there was a deal going on at London Drugs where for every two Revlon products you buy, you get $7 dollars off so these ended up being $7 CAD each, which is pretty decent though I believe they were once on sale for $4.99.
Anyhow, "Red Velvet" is freaking amazing, to see my swatches, click......
Natural lighting.
Despite its name and how it looks in the tube, "Red Velvet" isn't a dark red when applied. I am having trouble describing the color, it is sort of a mauve-y brick red with a hint of pink but at the same time it feels very fresh and wearable. I edited the colors of my photos a bit to show you the true color, a lot of swatches I found online are pretty misleading because "Red Velvet" isn't all that red!
With flash.
The formula is very nice, it is very comfortable and moisturizing though the wear is pretty lackluster (~3 hours) and can't withstand any eating or drink activity. I also noticed what Angela pointed out about the formula being too soft; the bullet is kind of mushy, the sides of the bullet gets stuck on the inside of the tube and when you twist the lip butter up and down, bits of it will break off along the side.
Overall, I love this, I also got "Raspberry Pie" and plan on swatching it soon!
Red Velvet, Candy Apple, Raspberry Pie (review), Wild Watermelon (review), Sweet Tart (review). (Photograph in artificial lighting.)

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