Friday, June 28, 2013

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask: Review

I tried my hand again at another Lush Fresh Face Mask, this time the Cupcake version. I have slightly oily skin and quite a few blackheads that I am always struggling to get rid of. The very nice lady at Lush really recommended this one and it was one that I was quite interested in before going there. It retails for $6.95 CAN and can only be purchased at Lush locations because it needs to be kept refrigerated. To see my full take on the mask click:
Let me start out by saying that this stuff smells DIVINE I almost want to eat it off my face (which you technically could, it is all food safe). The scent is a chocolate mint scent while also smelling like batter a bit. The scent right there is what makes it such a wonderful treat for your face. The consistency is also very thick so it stays on the face nicely, much better than Ayesha which I found too runny. I also found the pot lasted me about 7-8 masks which was really good.
I found that this mask really pulled out the oils from my skin, unlike any mask I've tried. I tend to have very stubborn skin so I am glad this worked. It even surfaced some of my stubborn blackheads, and after using a pore strip on them I got way more out than I usually do.
This is probably my new favorite Lush fresh mask. The only issue with them is that they do expire after 3 weeks. Although I loved using this one so much that the expiration date was not an issue, it also forces me too keep up a routine. I love to treat my face while also feeling like it is doing something for my skin.

How do you treat your face?
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