Friday, June 14, 2013

May Beauty Box 5 Subscription

I got a bit tired of the repeated brands that were continually showing up in BB5 and for that reason May was my last box. I also didn't like how long the package took to get to me, I am too impatient for that. The value of this months box was quite good, however there were four brands that appeared in last months box and one that appeared a couple months ago. To see all that was inside click :

1. Cool Way Transform Spray:
 This is approximately half of a full size container, so a very good sample size, and a value of $12. This was the product I was most excited for since I have heard great things about Cool Way but it does smell funny, we will see how it does.
2. Jean Pierre Self Tan Wipes:
We received two wipes for a value of $2.25. I am fairly whit and have no desire to tan, so I don't have too much use for these. I may use one to help even out my uneven tan on my feet that just will not go away.
3. LA Fresh Antiperspirant Wipe:
These are travel deodorant wipes that cost about $1.33 for the two. I am not a fan of LA Fresh but these may be good to toss into my swim bag when I don't want to carry a full stick of deodorant.
4. Model Co. Eyeliner:
This is a $18 black eyeliner which has a nice soft consistency. I find the color super black, I think it is one of the blackest eyeliners I have seen, I am impressed. I have to try it on my eyes soon.
5. Brazen Cosmetics Lipgloss in Centrefold:
I am getting a bit tired of Brazen, at least I did not get the Ferro shadow. I find the naming of the gloss awkward, and I dislike the formula a lot. I wore it and it started to feel like a plastic film on my lips, not fun.
The total value of this box was about $33.50, excluding the gloss since I could not see the size of the sample anywhere on the labels. Not bad, and definitely an affordable subscription box, unfortunately not one that is suited for me.

What are your thoughts on this months BB5?

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