Monday, June 10, 2013

Spongebob Nails: Manicure Featuring Spongebob Water Decal Nail Stickers

Disclaimer: The water decal stickers were provided for review.

Today I want to show you guys an awesome Spongebob manicure I did using some nail art water decal stickers from Born Pretty Store. Even though I am probably too old to be into Spongebob, I still totally watch those older episodes every once in a while. To see more pictures, click......

So these Spongebob water decal nail stickers are similar in quality and price as the mustache ones I reviewed earlier, for $2.86 USD, you get 20 very high quality easy to apply water decals. I used these over Julep's "Daisy", which was a nightmare to work with because I have only used the color for nail art. So if you have been looking for a nice yellow, "Daisy" probably isn't it.

Anyways, I digress. I think these are just so fun and adorable, I could not stop looking at my nails!
The set comes with four each of five different expressions so you can actually have a different Spongebob on every nail!
To check out this Spongebob water decal sticker set and many other water decal nail art designs, click on the banner below! Also, if you use the coupon code VGL91, you can get 10% off of your entire purchase!

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