Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Born Pretty Store Liquid Sand Suede Glitter Nail Polish #01 & #13: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The polishes were provided for review.

 As you guys know, I recently started taking an interest in textured polishes so when I saw that Born Pretty Store had a line of textured "liquid sand" polishes for $3.99 each, I was quite excited. It appears that a lot of the colors are meant to be dupes for the OPI Bond Girl Liquid Sand Collection. I chose #01, which I believe is supposed to be a dupe for "Solitaire", and #13, a dupe for "Pussy Galore". So how do these compare to the OPI ones?

According to the Born Pretty Store website, these polishes are toluene, formaldehyde, acetone, and DBP free. However, the first thing I noticed about these are the smell, they are just extra pungent compared to mainstream polishes I have tried.
The formula is noticeably thicker compared to the Zoya PixieDusts (reviewed here). The Zoya ones applied like normal polish while these ones are reminiscent of thick glitter polishes. Despite the thickness, these are not too hard to work with.
However, the drying time of these two are quite different. #01 dried at a decent rate and the texture developed a lot faster than #13, which took very long to dry.
#01 vs "Solitaire"from OPI Bond Girl Collection:
I do not own any OPI liquid sand polishes so I can only make rough comparisons from pictures I have seen online. I think the color of #01 is quite close to "Solitaire"; it even has the flecks of silver glitter. However, I think it's the finish that sets them apart. It seems that "Solitaire" dries to a foil-like matte texture, while #01 still has some shine after drying. With that said, #01 is still quite pretty.
#13 vs "Pussy Galore" from OPI Bond Girl Collection:
From the wheel swatch online, #13 almost looks like the perfect dupe for "Pussy Galore", but unfortunately it isn't. #13 has a more translucent feel to it. When it dries, it develops a rather sugary finish and not a matte foil-like finish "Pussy Galore" has. So this is definitely not a dupe.
Overall, I was a bit disappointed with these two polishes as they didn't live up to my hopes, but I guess for $3.99, these are a cheap alternative. The Born Pretty Store has a total of 18 colors in this collection so hopefully, a few of the other colors are a bit better than these two.
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