Sunday, July 7, 2013

Julep's DIY Nail Polish Cabochon Ring: Mini Review and Photos

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of the DIY Cabochon Rings from Julep's Online Warehouse sale. I knew right away I wanted to make a flakie one. I used one coat of Essie's Shine of The Times and one coat of Nfu-oh #40 over a black from Revlon called "Knockout". To see more pictures, click......

I had a hard time capturing the beauty of the flakie combo on camera. If you look at it straight on, it looks green and orange. If you tilt it a bit it looks yellow and teal, and if you tilt it even more it looks blue and violet! It's really quite mesmerizing!
The ring is adjustable and the assembly is super easy, though it's a tad big for my personable taste (it's slightly bigger than the Canadian toonie). I have one more of these to play with, can't wait to come up with a even better design!
Thanks for dropping by, have a good day!

UPDATE: Thanks to fellow RedditLacquerista, found a great site that sells these kind of stuff for a much more reasonable price!
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