Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in "Charcoal" and "Brown": Review and Swatches

I bought these couple of gel liners from Maybelline ($10.50, but can be much cheaper when on sale) last year in November when they were on sale on Soap.com. I am generally not a big fan of liquid liner for everyday use because they tend to flake as the day progresses so I thought I try out these gel liners. To see the review and swatches, click......

"Charcoal" is a dark metallic grey with tiny specks of silver. I think because this was a metallic gel liner, the formula was comparatively dry because the gel/cream is packed with tiny metallic particles. So as a result, it doesn't go on superbly and it isn't as opaque as expected. Also, the product seemed to have shrunken quite a bit since I bought it seven months ago. All in all, it's not horrible and still useable after seven months.
As the name suggests, "Brown" is a simple dark warm brown creme with no metallic elements. It is pigmented, very creamy, and very easy to apply. After owning this for more than seven months, it is still good as new, I did not notice significant drying of the product.

The wear of these are fine, they don't fade or smudge as along as you don't tamper your eye area with your hands. Also, a makeup remover is preferable when taking these off. I use my Shu Uemura Cleansing oil on my eye area, and the gel liner, along with the rest of my eye makeup comes over completely. 
Lastly, each of these liners comes with a liner brush. The quality is decent and I do actually use them to apply the product. The tip is flat and tapered so with some patience, you can definitely achieve a nice cat eye.
Over, I do recommend these, and especially because they are so affordable, they are worth a try!
Hope that review was helpful, thanks for dropping by!

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