Friday, July 5, 2013

Toxic Waste Nails: YR Nail Decal Reviews

Colors Used: "Leah" and "Eva" from Julep, "Snow" from China Glaze
So as you might know, lately I have been pretty obsessed with the water decal nail stickers sold on Born Pretty Store. So I decided to look for cheaper alternatives and came across this site called YRNails. With a discount code, each design was around $1 USD. I thought it was a great deal so I bought a whole bunch of them to try, unfortunately, you get what you pay for.... To see my review, click......
These are photoshopped photographs from their website.
There are so many issues I have with the quality of these decals and the company itself.
I'll start by saying how incredibly dishonest the photographs they have on their websites are. I don't know how I didn't notice when I bought these things, but the pictures they use on their site are all photoshopped! The pictures, instead of showing what the decals really look like when applied on the nails, are of the digital pictures of the designs superimposed onto a picture of nails. So it's basically full on false advertisement in my opinion because the photos does not show the quality of the decals at all!
A close-up shows how bad the quality of these YRNails Decals actually are. 
This is a close-up of BornPrettyStore's decal, look at the difference in quality!
So now moving on to the quality of these... What can I say, they suck!
The decals are printed on very low quality decal papers that crack after exposure to water. And the designs appears to be printed using an old school ink jet printer. The images are blurry and the resolution is super low. Another huge issue is that you have to cut out the individual decals yourself! Most decals come pre-cut, as in the decal part of the design has been cut to fit the image and all you have to do is trim the paper backing before application. But not these ones!
Overall, I am super disappointed and most definitely do not recommend these. The shipping and customer service seems fine but the quality of their stuff and the dishonest way they advertise their products is just not cool!

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