Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish in "Destiny" and "Solange": Review and Swatches

A week ago, I saw the full line of the Zoya Summer Pixie Dust Collection at my local Winners. I have promised myself not to jump on the textured nail bandwagon but when I saw these I was just awed by their glittering prettiness, hehe. I bought a reddish orange with subtle goden specks called "Destiny" and yellowish gold called "Solange", to see a close-up and my review of the formula, click......

Solange is gold that leans a bit yellow, it has beautiful bits of gold specks throughout and I used two coats. It is slightly sparse so it is best to use two thick coats. The formula dries quickly and when it dries, you can see little sand-like particles that give the matte textured effect.
Destiny is a beautiful reddish orange, it kind of really reminds me of "Mischa" from Julep. Sadly, the beauty of the golden specks seen in the bottle of Destiny doesn't translate fully onto the nails. This one I would say is a one coater, but of course, I put on a second coat just to be safe.
Both of these apply smoothly, much like a good glitter polish. Both of these dries very quickly. I wouldn't say I do not like the textured result but I noticed that parts of it near the nail bed and the tip has the tendency to flake off because as I mentioned, matte sand-like particles appear when polish dries. So for my look, I actually used a thick layer of topcoat from Orly. I found that it really helped the polish stay on longer (I went three days without chipping, which is very good for me). Also, the top coat actually does not diminish the matte textured look too much. 
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