Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Foxy Ikat Manicure & A "News" Article

Disclaimer: The BigRuby nail tattoos were provided for review.

A while back I used the BigRuby Ikat Nail Tattoos ($12.00) for my neon zigzag look. I wasn't too happy with how it turned out so I decided to give the nail tattoos another try. For this look, I used "Alyson" from Julep as a base. Then I mixed and matched the Ikat Nail Tattoos from Big Ruby to create a funky pattern. They were fairly easy to apply; however, you do have to trim them  and that can be tricky and time consuming. To see more pictures and an interesting article about nail polish that I found, click......

BigRuby Nail Tattoos
On my ring finger, I used a fox YR Nail Decal which I reviewed a while back, I still don't care for its quality, but since I bought so many sets, I might as well use some of them.
That's it for my nail post, hope you liked today's look. I now would like to share with you something a blogger friend shared on facebook. I read the article (link here) and to be honest, I was quite enraged and let me tell you why. Well, here is the title of the article:
The article basically highlights the indie nail polish company "IndiePolish"; I have no issue with that, in fact, I am very happy to see small businesses getting media coverage. However, the article is written in such a way that it seems to suggest that the main selling point of "IndiePolish" is the fact that it is "3 free" and that most other polishes on the market could possibly be "killing you"! That just seriously ticks me off. I mean, does the writer of this article know the current nail polish market at all? 3, 4, or even 5 free polishes are everywhere! It is pretty darn difficult to find a non "3 free" nail polish in a legitimate store nowadays so to praise "IndiePolish" for making "3 free" polishes seems incredibly silly and misleading. I don't want to get too opinionated here (which I guess I already have) but this article simply comes off as an advertisement piece that seriously sucks up to "IndiePolish" by presenting misleading information and an eye-catching but poorly supported headline......
Alright guys, what do y'all think, do share!
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