Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nobia X-Cessories Giveaway Winner & Random Babble

Hello everyone, happy Sunday! Unfortunately, I am sick...... four days before my MCAT exam.... Why me? Why now?!?! I guess it can be worse... I could have gotten sick the night before the exam. I was feverish yesterday and today I am feeling a bit better but my entire body still aches like crazy.

Something random and slightly amusing happened last week. I was asked out! I rarely get asked out so whenever it happens, it's always a story. So anyways, this guy from school, who is quite a character in my opinion, randomly messages me (facebook message, I know, classy) asking me to join him for dinner that night. I was quite baffled when I received the message because I haven't spoken to him for almost three months. So I responded by asking him if the message was intended for someone else. He replies with a very confusing response: "Sorry it is too late notice." So I asked for clarification by saying: "Do you mean 'Sorry if it is too late of a notice'?" I then went on to explain how I am swamped with MCAT prep and thanked him for the invite but unfortunately I can't make it. You see, this exchange could have ended right here, with no dignities lost and no offences taken... but nooo.....

He proceeds to explain that he didn't mean to apologize for inviting me on such a late notice, but he actually changed his mind about asking me to dinner. His exact words were: "Essentially I changed my mind." Wow! If there is an award for sore losers of the dating world, he would win for sure! What guy asks a girl out and then proceeds to say he changed his mind, but only after the girl turns him down?!

Anyways, that's my interesting story of the week, moving on to the giveaway winner!
Thank you to everyone who entered, I dearly appreciate your support! I have randomly generated a winner, and that winner is: April W.

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