Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY: Turning OCC Lip Tars into Lip Balms

When I did my first batch of OCC Lip Tar reviews, my fellow blogger friend Lulubelle suggested that I could turn my Lip Tars into lip balms because I mentioned that the Lip Tars are not very moisturizing and they feel a bit tacky on the lips. So I googled and found a great video tutorial from EnkoreMakeup. To see how my DIY turned out, click......
I really wanted to capture the process of the DIY but the melted lip balm dried so quickly that I had no time to snap photos of the steps, but I'll just give you a rough overview. I pretty much estimated everything, but for more precise measurements and directions, definitely check out the video I linked above.
What you will need:
-lip balm (I used a mint one from Burt's Bee)
-OCC Lip Tars
-a bowl/container for mixing
-a spoon or rubber spatula, also for mixing
-some alcohol wipes to sterilize the bowl and spoon
1. Twist up the lip balm all the way, break off the balm and put it into the bowl.
2. Microwave the lip balm stick for ~30 seconds.
3. Use your spoon to mix the lip balm to ensure all of it has melted.
4. Add in a mixture (~1 teaspoon) of Lip Tars of your choice while keep stirring the melted balm. (I  eyeballed everything, I added enough Lip Tar that the melted balm started to look opaque because I wanted more color.)
5. Retract the empty lip balm casing, then pour the mixture back into the tube.
*You may have to re-melt your mixture along the way, the melted balm solidified really quickly so I had to re-microwave a couple of times.
So here is the result, I am super duper impressed with everything! Because I added a good amount of Lip Tar (maybe one teaspoon, but since they are so pigmented, a little goes a long long way), the balms are actually quite pigmented. Also, the lasting power of these are surprisingly great, and my lips felt moisturized all day.
So in conclusion, I want to give a huge thanks to Lulubelle for the suggestion, if any of you have Lip Tars stashed away, give this a try, you will love the result!
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