Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lush Buche de Noel Facial Cleanser: Review

Disclaimer: This product was provided for review.
First up from Lush Christmas Collection is a fresh hand-made solid facial cleanser called "Buche de Noel" ($12.95 for 100g), also known as the yule log. The product is for all skin types and is loaded with "fresh ingredients for glowing holiday skin". To read more about this product, click......
I'll admit that this is not the most good looking cleanser I have seen. On its best day, it looks like smooshed oat meal that has been left out for too long. But how does it perform?
Main Ingredients:
Ground Almonds: exfoliates dead skin
Kaolin (clay): mild deep cleanser
Satsuma: Gelling agents & antioxidant
Cocoa butter & Almond Oil: moisturizer
Nori Seaweed: used to wrap the final product, like the bark around a log
Dried Cranberry bits: decoration?

This cleanser is solid as opposed to most other liquid face cleansers. It has a chunky cookie dough texture.

I think the smell takes a bit of time to get used to. When I first lifted the lid of "Buche de Noel" I got a strong whiff of the Nori seaweed. The actual cleanser, however, has a very lovely and natural smell of freshly ground almonds. Using the cleanser on my face reminds me of drinking slightly sweetened almond milk, yum!

I personally would say this is more of a facial scrub than a facial cleanser. The product doesn't foam but gets somewhat creamy; also it's a bit messy as bits of it might fall into or around the sink.
The ground almond is excellent at gently exfoliating skin and it leaves behind a lovely scent as well. I only use about a teaspoon sized piece for my entire face so I imagine this product should last me about a month. After using it, my skin feels very clean and fresh.
In case you were wondering, Audrey made my cleanser!
Overall, I really love this product because the smell is so lovely and it leaves my face feeling super clean. I would recommend it to those that want a gentle daily scrub though the almond smell may not be for everyone. The product is pricy but I guess you are paying for the freshness and quality ingredients. So what do you guys think? Will you check this one out?

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