Friday, November 29, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Holiday Collection (Part 1): Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Polishes were received for review.
Hey guys, happy Friday! Today I got a trio of reviews of Carpe Noctem Holiday Collection nail polishes. I featured the brand's awesome Halloween Collection a while ago and now I am back for more! To see more photos, reviews, and a special Carpe Noctem Black Friday deal, click......
Midwinter Storm:
This one is a violet/light gray color shifter polish a frost finish and iridescent flakies. The picture below is three coats. This is very reminiscent of anther indie polish called "Little Pink Dress" from GlitterBunny. I don't know why, I personally just don't like this kind of polish, the frost is too murky to let the true beauty of the flakies shine through and you really have to wait for each coat of polish to dry properly to prevent dragging.

Winter Solstice:
This one is a gorgeous dark teal scatter holo polish. The formula was a dream to work with; for full opacity, I used three coats. In shade the polish looks metallic but in full sunlight the holographic effect is quite stunning. Definitely recommend this one for blue polish lovers! (Click on images to view the full holographic effect.)

Christmas Morning:
My favorite of the three, Christmas Morning looks exactly what it sounds like! The polish is a gorgeous holographic white metallic that looks like the pristine glistening snow on a Christmas morning. The formula is the same as Winter Solstice, very smooth and easy to apply. I used three coats for the photo below.

For Black Friday, Carpe Noctem has several great deals you can take advantage of (deals cannot be combined):
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  • P.S. Looking for a good glitter smoothing top coat? Check out Carpe Noctem's Glitter Slayer
That's all for today, I bid you happy Black Friday shopping, let me know in the comments what you will be getting!
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