Friday, November 15, 2013

Mattify Ultra Transparent and Tinted Powder for Oily Skin: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: These products were provided for review.
      Hey guys, today I am reviewing two products from Mattify Cosmetics designed for oily skin. If you didn't know, I, unfortunately, have combination skin which means a very oily T-zone and dry, patchy chin and jaw areas. 
     One of my biggest beauty concern is looking like an oil ball because a few hours after I apply makeup, the oil just starts to slowly seep out. I am always equipped with blotting powder and blotting paper but they don't really solve the problem,  I either get temporary relief or end up with a cake-y face.
     Mattify Cosmetics is a line of powder makeup especially designed for oily skin. To see how a couple of their products stand against my skin, click......
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Mattify Ultra Transparent Powder:
This product is a setting powder that contains both kaolin clay and silica spheres that provides heavy duty oil absorption to reduce shine. Mattify Cosmetics recommended to use this product both under and over foundation to achieve maximum oil absorption. It is very finely milled and goes on transparent.
I incorporated this product with my normal primer and concealer routine and the powder indeed reduced shine. After three hours of wear, I noticed that instead of gleaming proudly over my skin, the oil was absorbed by the powder and my skin looked dewy (not in the best way, but better than shiny). Even after a good five hours there was only a subdued shine at my T-zone.
The main oil absorbing ingredient in the powder is kaolin clay, a natural nonirritating clay that can absorb three times its weight in oil.
The product is very finely milled and applied quite easily. I used a densely packed bronzer brush to apply the powder, which I know is unusual but the brush really allows me to pack the powder onto the skin instead of lightly dusting it.
The coverage is light but you can build it to a medium finish. I have some acne scars along the side of my cheeks and my jawline and unfortunately those were not covered.
I have to say I was quite impressed with the wear of the product. When I tested out the product, I wore it over my normal foundation routine as a setting powder and I noticed that it indeed delay the appearance of oiliness. I could see that like the transparent powder, this tinted powder was absorbing the oil and so instead of looking shiny, my skin looked dewy, which was quite nice for a change.
Below is an unedited image of my skin wearing the powder over my Benefit primer. I applied a good amount to attain as much coverage as the product would provide without looking cakey. 
The powder really reduces the appearance of pores and reduced the appearance of shine for about five hours.

I really like both powders. They don't promise to magically stop sebum production or make the oil disappear, but they work like champs at reducing and delaying the appearance of shine. I recommend the Matiffy Tinted Powder Makeup ($3 for a sample packet and $16.50 for 30g jar) for those with a good complexion looking for oil control and light coverage and the Matiffy Ultra Transparent Powder ($12.99 for 30g jar)  to be worn over foundation for those with more troubled complexion.
Are you a sufferer of oily skin? Will you give these products a try?

***Mattify Cosmetics is having a 20% off sale until next Monday, use code MAKEOVER at check out!

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