Friday, December 6, 2013

Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Holiday Nail Polish Collection (Part 2): Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Polishes were received for review.
Hey hey hey, it's Friday! I have a huge final today and after that I won't have one for another ten days so whew, I'm almost there! Anyhow, I wanted to take the time and squeeze in the second part (see part one here)of the Carpe Noctem Holiday Collection review for you so here it is, to read more and see some close up pictures, click......

Silent Night:
This one is a gorgeous blue jelly with holographic star and hexagon glitters. I tried using it on its own but after three coats it was still too sheer so I decided to use it as a glitter topper. In the photographs I used two coats over "Elizabeth" from Julep.
The polish dried quite quickly to a semi-dull finish so a top coat is needed to bring the glitter back to life. I used Carpe Noctem's Glitter Slayer (reviewed here).
The glitters were fairly easy to apply but to get the big stars, you need to do a bit of glitter fishing.
Overall I love this polish, the holographic stars adds a really festive touch!
And here is a video I took of:
Of Yule and Hearth:
This polish is hands down my favorite out of the whole collection! It is a holographic glitter topper filled with copper, red, and orange micro glitters. In the sun, this one shines like crazy. I used two coats over "Ingrid" from Julep (a burnt orange).
I feel like this polish is the perfect orange counterpart of "Sparking Garbage" from Orly. The formula was super easy to work with and the glitters, sigh, they are just too beautiful.
Here is a close-up:
And here is a short video I took with my phone:
This polish is a sheer sienna/gold metallic with gold holographic stars and hexagon glitters. For my photos, I used two coats of it over "Wallis" from Butter London.
I tried the polish on its own, but like Silent Night, O'little Town of Bethlehem was too sheer for my liking, even after three coats.
I had very little problem with the application, the stars did need some fishing to get out of the bottle but other than that, this polish is great.
So there you have it, part two of Carpe Noctem's Holiday nail polish collection. All three of these polishes make great glitter toppers for the holiday season and they are available individually.
Which one is your favorite? Do you like my short Instagram clip idea (I recently joined, follow me here)?
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