Friday, January 31, 2014

Lush Close to You Massage Bar: Review

Disclaimer: The product was provided for review.
Hey guys, I have another scrumptious looking massage bar from Lush's Valentine's Day limited edition collection to show you all. The "Close to You" Massage Bar ($7.95) is inspired by the a British cookie called the "Jammy Dodger", a shortbread cookie with raspberry jam in the middle. To read more about this yummy looking massage bar, click......

The "Close to You" massage bar is made of butters and oils and is solid at room temperature. When you want to use it, you simply place it between your hands and the bar will melt into your hands and you can apply it to where you desire a little moisture. The massage bar is a tad heavy to my liking so if you prefer lighter body butters/lotions, this may not be for you.
The scent of this bar is super lovely, it is a blend of sweet vanilla and bubble gum scent. Lush says that this scent is the same as the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and the Rock Star Soap (it also kind of smells like the Snow Fairy Shower Gel), so if you dig the scent of either of those products, you will love this.
One of the downside that I have to note about this product is that the light pink outer shell stains quite a bit (see image below), I rubbed it a few times in my hands and my hands turned quite pink. Most of the color comes off with soap and water so I don't really mind, but it's something worth mentioning.
Most of the color does wash off with warm water & soap.
Overall, I like this product, especially the super yummy scent and the crazy cute design. I can see this as a great Valentine's Day gift!
So what do you guys think? Is the staining part something that would bother you? Let me know in the  comments below!

The Close to You Massage Bar is available online and in stores now. It is a limited edition product so act quickly! The storage tin is sold separately for ($3.95), it makes storing the massage bars super easy and mess-free.

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