Tuesday, February 4, 2014

MoYou London The Pro Collection Stamping Nail Art Plate #06 (XL Image): Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The product was provided for review.
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Hey everyone, I am super excited for today's post because it features nail stamping! I am really not much of a stamping person but I always wanted to get into it. Several years ago, I bought a set of as-seen-on-TV nail stamping to try out, but because the quality wasn't very good  (also I was a total amateur at the time), the results never turned out very good. So I was totally pumped to try out this stamping plate from MoYou London.
MoYou London is a UK company that creates high quality stamping plates with creative designs and amazing packaging, I have here their "The Pro" Stamping Nail art Plate in #06 XL Images (£4.99 or $9.05 CAD), it features 12 extra large stamping images (1.2 by 2 cm) in floral patterns that is big enough to cover the entire nail. To read more about this awesome stamping plate and to see the look I created with it, click......

The stamping plate is rectangular comes in an impeccably designed sleeve with a sexy manicurist on the front. The metal plate is mounted on a white plastic backing printed with the MoYou London logo printed. I like that the plate is mounted onto a plastic backing because it makes it easier to handle and prevents the edges of the metal plate from scratching the surfaces of your working area.
The Pro Collection features more classic stamping designs, plate #06 has various floral patterns (it seems that this design is currently sold out).
Each design is etched out very precisely and with the right technique each design can give a perfect stamping image.
I tried most of them and I only had a bit of difficulty with the couple of designs that had larger bits of indented patterns, like the larger flowers on the left of the picture below. However, do note that I am still a beginner in stamping, I reckon that stamping pros can probably get perfect images from all the designs.

Some of the very fine images like the one actually came out very nicely!
For today's look I used a sort of oriental floral pattern and created a black on red look. The stamping image came out really well, I love the detail of the leaves.
For the base color I used Molly (great one coater red), and for stamping, I used a black cream from American Apparel called "Hassid", it is great for stamping and an amazing one coat black.
After I applied a coat of Insta-Dri Sally Hansen top coat, I added a few pieces of nail art studs from Born Pretty Store to jazz up the look.
This picture shows how nicely the stamping turned out.
MoYou London Pink Stamp & Scraper (£3.99 or $7.21CAD):
For stamping I used these stamp and scraper from MoYou London. I love the stamp, it's large and squishy so it works very well over my somewhat curved nails. The surface of it is semi-tacky so I had no trouble picking up most of the designs. The scraper though I felt was a bit "weak", the plastic wore out pretty quickly and started fraying near the edge of the scraper part.
So there you have it! My review of a MoYou London Stamping Plate. In conclusion, I love these plates and I love this company, I literally want to have all of their plates because they are just so well-designed!
I have more reviews from MoYou coming up so keep your eyes open for a little giveaway!

The MoYou London stamping plates and stamp and scraper set is available online. Have fun looking through all their stamping plate collections, I suggest clearing your schedule for a bit because you will be browsing for a while! ;)

Do you stamp? Would you invest in these plates? Let me know in the comments below!

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