Friday, February 7, 2014

Paint Shop Polish Valentine's 2014 Collection Nail Polishes: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Hi everyone, happy Friday! Today I have a lovely trio of polishes from Paint Shop Polish's 2014 Valentine's Day Collection. This collection features some unique lovey dovey themed polishes and I have here "Lovespell"", "I Heart Mickey", and "Everlasting". To see some swatches and my review, click......

Lovespell ($8.00 for full size):
This polish is a opalescent cool tone pink shimmer. The formula is sheer but applies nicely, I used two coats in my swatches. This can definitely be worn over a black base to give a different effect but I like how subtle and romantic it looks on its own and it makes my nails look very healthy. The drying time was good and the finish is nice and shiny.
Two coats of Lovespell worn over bare nails.
Two coats of Lovespell worn over bare nails.

I Heart Mickey ($8.00 for full size):
This one is a fun glitter. The clear base holds large heart and mickey mouse shaped glitters with pink hexagon, purple and pink square, and white bar glitters. The base has a super shiny finish but the glitter is quite sparse. I had trouble getting the larger hexagons with the brush and the mickey and heart shaped glitters are even harder to fish out of the bottle.
I had to eventually pour out a bit of polish and hand place the stickers with an orange stick. However, I experience this kind of issue with almost all glitter polishes with bigger sized glitters. So despite of the application issue this is still such an adorable glitter topper.
One coat over American Apparel Hassid. Some glitters are hand placed.
One coat over American Apparel Hassid. Some glitters are hand placed.

Everlasting ($8.00 for full size):
Hands down my favorite polish of the trio, "Evelasting" is a beautiful rosy polish with gold shimmer. Although this polish is sheer, it makes the nails look so gorgeous because it kind of boosts the natural pink colors of the nail beds! I used two coats over my bare nails.
I see this as a great everyday color or a base color for stamping. Gah, I can't get over how gorgeous it is! The formula was easy to work with and it dried very quickly.
Two coats of Everlasting over bare nails.

Two coats of Everlasting over bare nails.
All three polishes are currently available at Paint Shop Polish's Etsy Shop, check out these colors and the rest of the collection here.

Which one is your favorite? Are you a fan of sheerer shimmery polishes? Let me know in the comment's below!

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