Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Spatty Extend your Beauty Cosmetic Tool: Review and Demo

Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for review.
Hi guys, today I have a super handy makeup related tool to show you! The Spatty is a genius product designed to prevent that last bit of makeup/skincare/food product remaining in the bottle from going to waste. They are basically mini, dish washer safe spatulas made to reach into deep bottles through those small openings. To read more and see a demonstration, click.......
The Spatty comes in various sizes. The "Spatty Daddy"($6.99) with a 12 inch handle and a small spatula tip can be used for those bigger food bottles like salad dressing bottles or squeeze tube mayonnaise bottles, I for one do not like seeing that remaining bit of mayonnaise going to waste.
The 12 inch Extend your Beauty Cosmetic Tool ($6.99) is a pink colored spatty with a thinner scraper designed for cosmetics bottles with bigger openings.
The teeny tiny 6 inch handle Extend your Beauty Cosmetic Tool ($5.99) is a miniature spatula designed for makeup bottles with a smaller opening.
I have an older bottle of foundation bottle that I am almost finishing up but I am having a lot of trouble getting that last bit of foundation to come out of the bottle so I decided to put the 6 inch Extend your Beauty Spatty to work. And wow, there was still a lot of product still stuck in that bottle! The tiny Spatty fits right through the small opening of the foundation bottle and I was able to scrape the majority of the remaining product out of the bottle. I transferred the foundation into a small sample jar and I think I have enough to last me at least another month!
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In conclusion, The Spatty is amazing, the idea is so simple and intuitive that I wish I had discovered it sooner. I would have gotten a lot more out of my makeup products!

The Spatty is available online and in stores at Walgreens and Bed Bath & Beyond.

So what do you think? Can you see yourself using The Spatty? Let me know in the comments below!

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