Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Daisy Marc Jacobs Delight Edition Eau de Toilette Spray: Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well! Today I have the new limited edition Daisy Marc Jacobs Delight Edition Eau de Toilette Spray ($79 for 50ml) to share with you. The scent of this new fragrance is described as a "splashy, sun-drenched floral". To read more about it, click......
Newly released in March, Daisy Marc Jacobs Delight Edition is a very youthful and fresh scent perfect for thing upcoming spring and summer.

Top note: Apple, quince flower, freesia
Heart note: Iris, gardenia, peony
Base note: Musks, cedarwood, sandalwood

Bottle Design:
Housed in a transparent clear glass bottle with rounded edges, the perfume is tinted a very light shade of blue. The cap of the Daisy perfume, as always, is beautifully designed. The spherical shaped gold cap is studded with three rubbery flowers in hot pink, salmon, and mint, colors very representative of spring and summer.
This is definitely one of those perfumes that you want to display on the your vanity table (in my case, my mom's bedside table as she already nabbed the perfume from me, hehe).

The Fragrance:
Upon first whiff, I picked up the apple scent, which has a nice balance of tart and sweetness. The apple component of the fragrance is actually very reminiscent of DKNY's Be Delicious. After the initial apple scent settles, the floral middle notes, mixed with some subtle woodiness, become more apparent. The scent wasn't particularly long lasting, after about two or three hours, all I can detect is a very subtle blend of warm floral. However, I am not too bothered by that as most light summery scents I own fade very quickly.
A close-up of the cap, it's so adorable!
I think most people will really enjoy the apple floral scent of the Daisy Delight Edition as it is very fresh and wearable. More importantly though, the bottle will probably win most fragrance lover's heart. And for serious collectors of the Marc Jacobs Daisy line, this is simply a must have!

The Daisy Marc Jacobs Delight Edition is available now online at Sephora and in stores at The Bay, Sears, Holt Renfrew, Sephora, and Shoppers Drug Mart. The perfume is limited edition so if you plan on picking one up, do it soon!

Marc Jacobs also released a new limited edition Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight Edition, and this one has a fruity blend of blood orange, apricot, and raspberry, check it out here!

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