Monday, March 10, 2014

Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Collection Nail Polishes: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for review.
Earlier in the year, Nicole by OPI collaborated with country performer Carrie Underwood to create a line of 14 new nail polishes that encapsulate the singer's "soulful spirit and showcase different facet of her personality". I have here today three shades from the collection, to see some reviews and swatches, click......

Southern Charm:
"Frankly my dear, this nude shade looks charming on you."
This polish is a gorgeous neutral nude. Unfortunately, the formulation is a problem. For full opacity I had to use four coats and even after four coats I was unsatisfied with the minor unevenness. I mean there are four coaters that are easy to work with despite being too sheer, but with one I was kind of frustrated with the formula because there was a lot of streaking, dragging, and pooling. In the end it look decent but it wasn't enough to justify the work and effort that went into applying the polish.
Four coats, no top coat.

Four coats, no top coat (notice the unevenness and streaking).

Carnival Cotton Candy:
"This spun sugar pink is all about fun."
This one is a pretty light barbie pink. This formula too was a tad sheer and thin; it required three coats to reach opacity. The drying time was good but I feel like for such a common color the formulation could have been a lot better.
Three coats, no top coat.

Three coats, no top coat.

Fisher Queen:
"I'm hooked on this deep, deep eggplant."
A very deep shimmery purple, Fisher Queen is very vampy polish. But for a color so dark, I feel like it should be a simple two coater but disappointingly even after two coats the polish was a bit patchy in some areas because the formulation was so thin and runny.
Two to three coats, no top coat.

Two to three coats, no top coat.
I think overall, these three polishes from the collection were all misses. I found all three formula to be very thin and sheer, making the polishes hard to work with (maybe I got a bad batch). I experienced some pooling around the cuticles (which very rarely happens to me) and a lot of patchiness. Hypothetically you can probably use fewer and thicker coats than I did to make these polishes two coaters but I really wanted to avoid bubbling so I applied them like I would any other polishes.

Did you pick up any of the shades from this collection? Did you have any luck with them? Let me know in the comments below!

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