Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nicole by OPI Nail Polish Colors for 2014: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for review.
Hi guys, today I am reviewing three polishes from Nicole by OPI's new 2014 additions to its existing line-up. The new collection features 15 shades ranging from cremes to metallics to glitters. To check out the three shades I got my hands on, click......
I'll Have the Salmon:
"I'm hooked on this peachy-pink."
This one is a beautiful pastel peach cream with a very very subtle shimmer that's only visible under bright sun light. The formula was sheer and I had to use three coats but the polish was fairly self-leveling so it wasn't too hard to work this. I think this is such a lovely color for Spring and especially for Easter.
Three coats, no top coat.

Three coats, no top coat.
Always a Flirt!
"This luminous fuchsia is more than just a wink of pink."
This polish is a show-stopping reddish pink (or pinkish red, it's hard to say) with lots of shimmer particles. The formulation was incredible, super smooth and opaque in just two coats. The drying time was incredible and the polish has a very shiny finish. I highly recommend this polish for those looking for something bold and eye-catching to wear during the summer or year-round.
Two coats, no top coat.

Two coats, no top coat.
Be Awesome:
"A rainbow of light that takes your breath away."
Last up is a clear based glitter with diamond shaped light blue, pink, purple, gold, and holographic glitters. Be Awesome looks very pretty in the bottle but the glitter is incredibly sparse and the clear polish is very thin, each stroke of the polish probably gives at most three pieces of glitter, which is troubling if you want a nice, even application of the glitter. For my photos, I had to hand place the glitters and even that was very difficult because it was hard to get the glitters out of the bottle unless you straight up pour out some polish.
Be Awesome hand placed over I'll Have the Salmon.

Be Awesome hand placed over I'll Have the Salmon.
So overall these three varied in terms of their formulation. "Always A Flirt!" was amazing and definitely worth checking out, Be Awesome, on the other hand was kind of a dud that you should probably skip out on.
Which of the three did you like the best? Will you be picking up any of the new 2014 Nicole by OPI colors? Let me know in the comments below!

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