Monday, March 3, 2014

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy Nail Enamel in "Pink Dawn" & Fiery Sky: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for review.
Hey guys, I've got here two lovely colors from Revlon's New Nail Art Sun Candy Nail Enamels to swatch and review for y'all. The Sun Candy Nail Enamels are a line of 10 brightly candy colored polishes each paired with a corresponding "refined sugary topcoat".
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Pink Dawn:
Pink Dawn is a combo of a cool pale pink and small iridescent hexagon glitters. I applied two coats of each to attain the look. The base color was a tad patchy but after two coats it looked decent; however, since the glitter is supposed to be applied over the pink any minor boo boos will be covered up nicely. The formula of the glitter is super awesome, it applied evenly and one coat would have been enough if you want a more toned down effect.

Fiery Sky:
This one is a gorgeous bright orange paired with warm toned iridescent hexagon glitters. The pigmentation of the base coat was better than that of Pink Dawn and it applied just as smoothly. The glitter of this one is similar to that of Pink Dawn, perhaps leaning more gold/orange but it's hard to say. They could be the same type of glitter but only look differently when worn over different colora.
I used two coats of each in the pictures below. The drying time was good for both Pink Dawn and Fiery Sky.
Overall, I love the concept of these two in one polishes because they are especially good for those that don't already have an extensive polish collection but still want to achieve the fun iridescent glitter look. I personally like Fiery Sky better because it just screams summer, which I hope is here right now!!
Have you picked up any of these? Which of the two here do you like better? Pink Dawn or Fiery Sky? Let me know in the comments below!
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