Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fownies Facial Patches for Wrinkles on Forehead & Between Eyes: Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good week so far! Recently, I was approached by Simply Essential Beauty, the Canadian distributer of Frownies Anti-Aging Facial Patches ($21.95 for 144 pieces), to test out some Frownies patches, which has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show and The Marilyn Show.
The product works by physically holding down facial muscles beneath the skin, training them to stay relaxed. To read more, click......

What it is:
-Paper patches with vegetable starch-based adhesive on one side; they contain no other chemicals
-The patch is to be applied over wrinkles on forehead and between the eyes, 3 hours at a time or overnight; it mechanically forces the muscles to lay flat, preventing you from expressing in your sleep.
-To apply, simply activate the natural adhesive by spraying it with the Rose Water Tonic Hydrator spray (sold separately). However, you can "activate" the adhesive with just water.
-The patches are porous so they allow the skin underneath to breathe.

The application process was easy enough; however, this product can't really be used alongside skincare products such as wrinkle cream because the Rose Water Tonic and the adhesive will water down whatever it is you have on your skin. Also creams may interfere with the proper adherence of the patch.

Both my mom and I gave the patch a try and both of us came to very similar conclusions and I will list them below:
-The patch was very uncomfortable to wear; simply imagine having a piece of construction paper glued to your head, well, that's pretty much what it feels like.
-The adhesive didn't work that well. With in a few hours the edges were peeling off the skin, the middle section stayed nice and put for the full night, but the edges just stopped sticking.
-There was no immediate effect, or rather, the product was not very effective. I will admit, Frownies does claim that the product will take at least a few weeks to start working but honestly I can't see myself wearing this every night for even one week. It just feels too uncomfortable! Also, I don't think the patch was big enough, the small patches didn't really hold the muscles and down and I could still emote however I wanted to.

I was very intrigued by the concept and I like the idea of it better than Botox or fancy schmancy $100 anti-wrinkle creams. However, the product just wasn't practical. The patch felt uncomfortable and the edges didn't remain adhered to the skin. Also, it just takes way to long to work; it's simply too much effort to too little result.

Frownies are sold at Simply Essential Beauty in Canada.

Have you heard of or tried Frownies before? How did you like them? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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