Friday, April 4, 2014

EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush & Pure Complexion Facial Sponge: Review

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Hi everyone, happy Friday! Today I have reviews of two new EcoTools releases for spring 2014, the Skin Perfecting Brush ($9.99 CAD) and the Pure Complexion Facial Sponge ($11.99).
EcoTools is hands down my favorite makeup tool brand. In fact, 90% of my brushes are from EcoTools! Their quality is amazing and the price is unbeatable.
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Skin Perfecting Brush ($9.99 CAD):
What it's for:
-Designed for smooth application of BB/CC Cream or Liquid Foundation

-Cruelty-free synthetic brush
-Angled edge to reach corners of nose and eyes
-Handle made of recycled aluminum and bamboo
-Packaged in reusable pouch made of natural materials

How well it works:
This brush is super soft and yet it has a good amount of stiffness so I could apply my BB Cream in a stippling motion, which gave the face a more air brushed look. When I apply foundation and BB Cream with my fingers, what tends to happen is that as I work the product into the skin, instead of creating a smooth layer on my face, the product settles around the acne/blemish bumps on my skin, resulting in an uneven finish. But with this brush, I could really create a more even finish on the skin without emphasizing all my pores and bumps.

-Applies liquid foundation/BB Cream beautifully, it also works well with cream products (I tried it with my Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush)
-Super soft bristles

-The brush does "absorb" some of the product, so I have to use more than I would if I used my fingers
-Because it's quite dense, the brush takes a long time to dry after you wash it

I usually am a fan of applying liquid/cream products with my fingers but I am quite taken with this brush. It really does apply the product more smoothly and I won't end up with grimy "foundation fingers"!

Pure Complexion Facial Sponge for Sensitive Skin ($11.99):
What it's for:
-Use daily with your facial wash to provide a better clean and smoother skin
-Made of 100% natural ingredients including Konjac vegetable fiber
-Replace every one to three months

How well it works:
The sponge softens when it's went, becoming very squishy. However, it still has some texture so that it provides a very mild scrubbing effect (the Deep Cleansing version contains bamboo charcoal that gives a deeper clean). I like that it helps me remove any remaining foundation on my skin and the sponge is ergonomically shaped so I can really get a good scrubbing going.

*Update: I noticed that this sponge works great at removing clay masks! It helps fully remove the mask from the face and the sponge rinses very well too.

I love it, I often feel like my hands don't give enough of a cleaning and actual facial scrubs are too abrasive for everyday use so this is the perfect product for me. And unlike those useless rubbery scrubbers, this facial sponge actually works!

EcoTool products are available at Farley Co online and in drugstores nationwide.

So there you have it, I am not surprised that I loved both products given how much I love EcoTools in general! I will be checking out the deep cleansing version of the sponge as well!

Will you be picking up either of these two new EcoTool releaes, let me know in the comments below!

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