Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OPI Spotlight on Glitter Nail Polish Collection: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Products featured are provided for review.
Hey everyone, today I finally put together my review on a few polishes from OPI's new Spotlight on Glitter Collection. I broke my nails a couple weeks ago so I couldn't do proper swatches but they have grown back to a good length now so I can do more nail posts!
This collection features six new glitter toppers that can be used over your favorite nail colors to add some extra pizzaz.
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One to two coats of glitter over "Green Scene" from Essence, no top coat.
You Pink Too Much:
"I'm obsessed with this rosy glitter set in a shimmery base."
This polish has a clear base suspended with small shiny pink hexagon glitters and micro holographic glitters. The glitter wasn't too sparse and how much glitter goes on varies with each stroke so I used one to two coats for each nail. The drying time I noticed was a bit slow, the clear base wasn't the fast drying kind that I prefer.
One to two coats of glitter over "Green Scene" from Essence, no top coat.
One coat of glitter over "Eden Rose" from Lise Watier, no top coat.
Chasing Rainbows:
"Your pursuit of gorgeous has won you this rainbow with pot-o-gold highlights."
This is a fun multi-colored confetti glitter polish suspended in a clear base; it is very similar to Happy Birthday from Deborah Lippmann. This polish has just the right amount of glitter so one coat is enough to jazz up any base color. The formula was easy to work with and the drying time was just average.
One coat of glitter over "Eden Rose" from Lise Watier, no top coat.

I Reached My Gold!:
"The cache of gold confetti in this clear rainbow glitter is all yours!"
Clear base suspended with large shiny gold hexagon glitters and small holographic silver hexagons, I Reached My Gold! has a bit of a formulation problem. The polish as simply too thin and sparse so some glitter finishing is needed to get the large gold pieces. In my swatches I used two coats (with fishing). This polish could be sponged on for a better effect but I feel like the glitters and the effect it gives are just too plain to go through the effort.
I quite like both You Pink Too Much and Chasing Rainbows, but the last one, I Reached My Gold! was just no good. I feel like OPI is pretty much known runny and sparse glitters so I am pleasantly surprised by the improved formulation of a few of these shades! The collection has another three colors, so check them out the next time you are at a salon or drugstore!

Which of the three is your favorite? What is your all time favorite glitter polish? Let me know in the comments below!

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