Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get Ready for Summer: Achieving that Natural Glow

Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for review with the exception of the Spongeables.
I know with June almost coming, every one is scampering to get products that will help them achieve an enviable summer glow. But to be honest, I am not too big on self-tanning or "natural tanning". In fact, I embrace my pale-ish skin tone. However, it's hard to resist all the bronzers and oils that different brands release for the summer so today I am bringing you a few products that will help you achieve beautiful skin with a subtle glow.
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Before getting a nice glow, it's important to prep the skin to make sure its nice and well-exfoliated.
Spongeables Shower In A Sponge Spicy Mango
Spongeables Shower In A Sponge Spicy Mango ($7.99):
After trying out the Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer, I purchased a Spongeables for the body as well because this stuff is just genius!

What it is:
-A shower sponge infused with Spicy Mango flavored shower gel
-No need to add extra shower gel, just wet and lather
-Cleanses and gently exfoliates

This particular Spongeable is one large fluffy pink heart, so cute! The sponge softens after you wet it but it still has a fairly exfoliating texture.
Spongeables Shower In A Sponge Spicy Mango
I honestly can't tell you just how much I love this product. I brought it with me on my vacation and it was so convenient because I didn't have to bring any shower gel (not a fan of hotel toiletries). The spicy mango scented shower gel infused in the sponge is super moisturizing and paired with the mild exfoliating effect of the sponge, it makes the skin feel super soft and supple.

EcoTools EcoPouf Dual Cleansing Pad
EcoTools EcoPouf Dual Cleansing Pad ($4.29):
What it is:
-Dual sided loofah exfoliates and cleans
-Made with 100% recycled netting

The cleansing pad is round. On one side it has your normal shower pouf with a elastic strap for grip. On the other side is a loofah made of recycled material. When wet, the loofah gives the perfect amount of exfoliation. There is also a small knot near the top for hanging the loofah after to dry.
EcoTools EcoPouf Dual Cleansing Pad
This loofah is seriously one of the best I have tried! The exfoliation it gives is perfect, not too rough and not too gentle. I also like that it has a pouf side for lathering up some your fave shower gel. Exfoliation is a must before using any self-tanner so I highly recommend picking up one of these.

Clarins Shimmer Oil
Clarins Shimmer Oil ($32):
What it is:
-A fragrant body oil that provides the skin with a subtle shimmer and glow
-Nourishes, protects, and moisturizes the skin

Key Ingredients:
-Essential oils of mandarin, grapefruit, ylang ylang, and tonka beans
-Hazelnut oil
-Vitamin E derivative
Clarins Shimmer Oil
The Clarins Shimmer Oil has a sweet but light fruity/floral scent. The oil is a dry oil that absorbs very quickly and leaves behind virtually no grease or heaviness. This isn't a tanning oil or a self tanner. The product consists of super tiny shimmer particles suspended in light oil.
When it's applied, it give a super natural bronze glow to the skin, perfect for pale gals who want just touch of sun.
Clarins Shimmer Oil
So there you have it, a few picks from me that will help achieve a nice subtle glow to get you ready for Summer!

Spongeables are available online at Farleyco and in stores at Apple Drug Mart, Army & Navy, London Drugs, Paragon Pharmacy, Save On, select Lawtons Drugs, Pharmasave, Proxim, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Value Drug Mart.

The EcoTools EcoPouf Dual Cleansing Pad is available online at Farleyco and in stores at select Brunet, Lawtons Drugs, Loblaws, Pharmasave, Sobeys, Uniprix, Zehrs.

The Clarins Shimmer Oil ($32) is available online at Clarins and in stores at Sephora and other department stores where Clarins is sold.

Which of these products interests you the most? Love to hear what you think in the comments below!
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