Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Collection for Mother's Day: Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for review.Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Collection for Mother's Day Swatches and Review
Big apologies for this late post, these lovely gel colors were released for Mother's Day by Sally Hansen as a limited edition collection for their Salon Gel Polish series. Unfortunately, the Sally Hansen Gel Polish kit I won for being a top Influenster badge holder arrived way later than expected and as a result, I didn't get to review these in time.
However, after I finally received them I gave the colors a try and I was quite happy with the results so I thought I share the swatches anyways. The shades should be in stores until the end of the months so if you are interested you may still find them.
Anyways, onward with the swatches......
Note: The following polishes were swatched using the Sally Hansen Gel Polish Kit, so the swatches shown include the base coat and the top coat.Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Collection for Mother's Day Swatches and Review
For Teal:
Unlike what the packaging and the name suggests, this color is actually a bright sky blue. Despite shaking the bottle vigorously as the direction suggested, I still expressed a bit of streaking as the formulation didn't mix completely. The pigmentation is decent but I had to use a semi-thick second coat to reach opacity (which is a no-no when using gel polishes). As a result, a tiny piece of the polish actually chipped off an hour after application.

Just Peachy:
This one is a beautiful tangerine with a playful shimmer. The application and pigmentation was quite good compared to For Teal; it is my favorite of the four!

This one is a simple lavender. The formulation was slightly better than For Teal but I wish the color was just a bit more pigmented.

A classy shimmery nude, the formulation of Glamor-fied is quite similar to Just Peachy but it is very sheer. I had to use a very thick coat (again, this is something you shouldn't do with gel polishes as it affects the wear/curing process) to make it opaque.

Here is my fun skittle swatch:
Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Collection for Mother's Day Swatches and Review
Overall I quite enjoyed using these gel polishes. I really loved the smudge free curing process. A few of the colors are a little sheer to my liking but they are still very pretty spring hues!

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Gel Polish system? Are you a fan of gel polishes? Let me know in the comments below!
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