Friday, May 2, 2014

Yves Rocher White Botanical Exceptional Youth Skincare Collection: Review

Disclaimer: The products featured were provided for review.
Recently, Yves Rocher released a White Botanical skincare line that promises to correct dark spots and reduce signs of aging. Formulated with extracts of White Licorice and White Lupin, the line includes the Exceptional Youth Essence, Eye Countour, Dark Spot Corrector, and Night Cream.
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All of the products from this line features the following two ingredients:
White Licorice Powder: Helps brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots.
White Lupin Extract: Provides anti-aging properties.
White Botanical Exceptional Youth Night Cream ($56 CAD for 50ml):
What it is:
-A night cream that helps the skin appear younger and more radiant
-Reduces appearance of dark spots and wrinkles after one month

The cream comes in a simple and sturdy white glass jar with a iridescent finish and plastic white lid.

Formulation & Result:
Despite being a night cream, the Exceptional Youth Cream has a rich but non-greasy formulation that applies nicely over the skin. The cream has a very pleasant subtle floral scent. The cream sets very quickly. I noticed that not a lot of it absorbs into the skin but rather, the cream sits on top of the skin and creates a matte finish. This was actually quite nice because it reduced the appearance of shine and oil quite a bit. When I woke up in the morning my skin wasn't greasy but it actually looked fresh and conditioned.
White Botanical Exceptional Youth Essence ($56 CAD for 30ml):
What it is:
-Highly concentrated serum that makes the skin appear more radiant
-Evens skin tone after 14 days
-Reduces the appearence of age spots and wrinkles after one month

The essence comes in a very convenient iridescent white glass bottle with a pump dispenser.

Formulation & Result:
The essence has a thinner texture compared to the night cream and it is very lightweight. For the last couple of weeks I have been mixing the essence into the night cream in the palms of my hands before smoothing the mixture onto my face. I found that along with the night cream, the product really did seem to brighten my complexion so my skin looked more even and dewy in the morning.

White Botanical Exceptional Youth Eye Contour ($42 CAD for 15ml):
What it is:
-An eye cream that brightens the eye area
-Reduces appearence of dark circles and wrinkles

The eye contour comes in a squeezable tube with a fine tip dispenser that allows you to easily control how much you dispense.

Formulation & Result:
The eye cream has a light formulation filled with tiny iridescent, light-diffusing particles. The cream blends very well and I found it to be nice and moisturizing. My eye area felt hydrated and refreshed in the morning.

White Botanical Exceptional Youth Dark Spot Corrector ($30 CAD for 15ml):
What it is:
-A spot corrector that reduces the appearence of age spots
-Helps skin appear smoothed and refined

The corrector comes in a squeezable tube with a rubber applicator tip that allows precise application of the product onto spots.

Formulation & Result:
I have not been using this product as much as the rest because after I applied the serum and the cream, it felt a little redundant to then apply another product on top of those. I think formulation wise this is very similar to the night cream, perhaps a little more concentrated. So for those who aren't keen on investing in the entire line, this is a worthy item to pick up to target dark spots.

Having used the product for a couple of weeks now, I quite like this line; all the products had a nice mattifying property and nothing felt heavy or greasy. Although I don't have many wrinkles or age spots, I certainly noticed that my skin texture improved and that my complexion looks healthier and brighter. So for those reasons I think this line is worth a try. Also, most of the items are on sale right now for up to 45% off. Check them out here.

Are complexion brightening and wrinkle/dark spot reduction properties you look for in skincare products? What products do you use to combat dark spots or dull complexion? Let me know in the comments below!

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