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Design Glassware by Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files: Review

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Design Glassware by Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files: Review
Ever since I switched to filing my nails with glass files a couple years ago, I have not been able to use any other type of nail files. Unfortunately, the glass files I've accumulated from past Julep subscriptions aren't very long lasting, the "grits" pretty much rub off after five to ten uses so I was on the lookout for some higher quality files. So when I stumbled upon the Mont Bleu Glass Nail Filers, I was no doubt very happy because these are crafted from Czech tempered glass (made in Bohemia, Czech Republic) and have a lifetime warranty on the filing surface. To read more about these filers, click.......
Design Glassware by Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files: Review
Glass Nail File Set ($35):
This three piece file set includes one nail file for on the go, one for at-home manicure, and one for at-home pedicure. All three pieces have Swarovski Crystal decorations near the handle. The quality of these are actually beyond amazing! The filing surface is incredibly fine but it is very "sharp", in that one swipe will smooth out rough nail edge completely. I have used these for several manicures now and I have noticed no dulling whatsoever. It's a bit ridiculous how in love I am with these files, it just feels so incredible to file my nails with these files!
Design Glassware by Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files: Review
Using the medium nail file designed for at-home manicures.
Design Glassware by Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files: Review
Foot Scraper File & Swarovski Tweezers:
The foot scraper is a large slab (it's actually quite heavy) of glass file with a slightly rougher filing surface compared to the nail files. I get a bit of callus near the ball of my feet and my big toe from jogging so I often need to file away calluses to keep my feet soft. I found the Mont Bleu Foot Scraper to be a little too fine for calluses. I think this one is only suitable for those with smaller/softer calluses because it takes too long to "sand" down large areas of thick callus.
The Swarovski Tweezers are standard slant tip tweezers perfect for plucking stray brow hairs. I gave this a go and I quite like it. It grasps well but it isn't too sharp to the point where it breaks the hair instead of plucking it.

I am absolutely in love with the Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files. I know I am no expert when it comes glass files as I have only tried one kind before but these are amazing! 
Mont Bleu ships internationally for a very reasonable price.

So are you a fan of glass nail files? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!
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