Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Favorite Red & White Polishes from Chantal's Corner: July Canadian Beauty Bloggers Guest Post

Hello everyone, today I am bringing to your the July guest post from my lovely fellow Canadian Beauty Blogger Chantal from Chantal's Corner, she actually just had an adorable baby girl so big congratulations to her and an extra big thanks for still finding the time and effort to put out a guest post for The Happy Sloths!
Hi everyone! I'm Chantal from Chantal's Corner and I'm excited to be a guest for Jasmine today as part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers' monthly guest posts.
I was hoping to do some nail art for you, but I'm a new mom and I completely chopped off my nails - with a nail clipper! So unfortunately I don't have pretty nails to work with. Plus, getting into the new mommy groove is a bit time consuming so I don't have the luxury of sitting down to do my nails right now (maybe swatches, but not nail art). That being said, since this month's theme is red and white I'll share with you my favourite red and white nail polishes.
I love jelly polishes and my favourite red jelly polish is Skinfood's "Raspberry Drink" (n° 07). Look at the squishiness in that polish, love it! I purchased this one on RoseRoseShop. It retails for $3.15 USD, but it's usually on sale (like right now it has 20% off for $2.52). To read more, click.......
When it comes to opaque nail polishes, my favourite red is Etude House's "Minnie Red". This was a limited edition that came out in the fall of 2013, but it's still available on RoseRoseShop if you want to buy it (currently on sale too at 20% off for $2.52 USD).
When it comes to white nail polishes I've had a hard time finding a favourite one. Do I really need 5 white polishes? No I don't. Okay, maybe if they were different shades of white, but these are all in the same range. And that's because I'm still looking for the perfect formula. Most of the ones I have all require 3 coats for full opacity - unless you go with thick coats and that usually ends up in creating bubbles.
That being said, my favourite one for now is Sinful Color's "Snow Me White". It has a thicker formula than the other ones and only requires 2 coats for full opacity. However, I got a wonky brush on this one so the application is not always flawless. *sigh*
Since I love my Korean brands so much maybe I should try a white polish from them. There's an idea!
What are your favourite red & white nail polishes? Do you have any white ones to recommend? Thank you Jasmine for letting me take over your blog for this post. And to Jasmine's readers, I hope you enjoyed it!
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