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Sephora Cleansing Gel & Exfoliating Brush: Review

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review.
Sephora Collection Cleansing Gel & Exfoliating Brush: Review
If you love cleansing your face with a soft silicone pad and a foaming face wash, then you are going to love what Sephora has come up with! The Cleansing Gel & Exfoliating Brush ($22 CAD) is a newly released face cleanser from the Sephora Collection that has a build-in silicone face brush! To read more about this product, click.......
Sephora Collection Cleansing Gel & Exfoliating Brush: Review
What it is:
-Foaming gel cleanser attached to a soft silicone brush pad
-Cleanses, exfoliates, and refines the skin
-HydroSenn+ formulation cleans without drying the skin

This is a fairly large sized cleanser packaged in a standard squeeze tube (150ml). The head of the cleanser has an area of expanded plastic with a silicone face brush attached to it. The soft silicone brush has tiny little protrusions that help better clean the skin.
To dispense the product, simply twist the nozzle to the open position and squeeze out a bit of the cleanser. To wash the face, twist the nozzle to the closed position and apply the cleanser directly to the face using the brush.
Sephora Collection Cleansing Gel & Exfoliating Brush: Review
Formulation & Result:
The foaming cleanser gel is fairly ordinary but it does the job and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. The silicone brush is super soft; it's identical to other free-standing silicone brushes.
In theory, attaching the silicone brush directly to the nozzle of the cleanser is a great idea as there is no need for the extra step of dispensing the cleanser onto the brush. However, there are a few drawbacks and design flaws with this product. Firstly, because the silicone brush is attached to the nozzle, it becomes quite rigid and stiff. Free-standing silicone brushes are soft and flexible so you can easily scrub the areas around the nose and follow the contours of the face. But with this design, it's very hard to reach around the nose and smoothly go over the face without having to hold the bottle at weird angles. 
Secondly, the cleanser bottle is very big. Maybe because I have small hands, but I need to use my entire palm to grasp the bottle, sometimes I even have to hold it with both hands. So because the size is so big, it's hard to maneuver it across the face to get a really good scrubbing going on. I wish it was smaller in size so I can just hold it with my just my fingers.

As much as I appreciate the innovation, I think the design needs improvement. With that said, the formulation of the cleanser is good and the product is still perfect for traveling as you don't need to bring a separate cleanser and brush.

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