Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bombay Brow Bar VIP Bombshell Event

Bombay Brow Bar
Hey y'all! Happy Sunday! A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a sweet little media event held at the Bombay Brow Bar in Downtown Vancouver. Founded in 2010 by sisters Ravy and Amy and now with three locations in Vancouver, the brow bar specializes in brow shaping, tinting, and facial hair removal. At the "Bombay Bombshell Party", I, along with some of the other local beauty/fashion bloggers had the chance to experience a mini brow makeover. To see a few more pictures from the event and read more about the brow bar, click........
Bombay Brow Bar
Mikayla from Youtube getting her luscious brows groomed.
Located at the foot of the Shangri-la hotel, the downtown location is any girly girl's dream. Painted wall to wall with a rich shade of fuchsia, the brow bar is furnished with cute and ornate chairs and knick-knacks. Aside from offering a full range of brow/face grooming services, the Bombay Brow Bar also carry its own line of brow makeup (which we had a chance to try out during our mini brow session).
At the event, all of us had our brows touched up by a Bombay Brow pro.
Bombay Brow Bar
Angela from Do Want Makeup
I had my brows filled in with a very deep brown brow powder and I learnt from the brow pro to always start at the arch of the brow and blend lightly inwards for a more natural look.
Bombay Brow Bar
Mikayla captured this picture of me that I just had to share.
Never looked so happy with only one brow, haha.
I always did my own brows so getting someone else to fill in my brows for the first time is quite a pleasant and relaxing experience. Thanks to Bombay Brow Bar for hosting such a fun event, it's always nice to get together with the other beauty bloggers of Vancouver and learn something new.
Check out more about the Bombay Brow Bar here.
Have you visited a brow bar before or do you prefer to groom your own brows? Let me know in the comments below?
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